Why You Should Be Working From Home

Why You Should Be Working From Home

Let's face it, working the daily grind of 9-5 at the office can be taxing on your week-in and week out. From your daily commute to and from work, sitting in your uncomfortable office chair, not to mention an uncomfortable wardrobe, it all adds up to not as an enjoyable place as you would have hoped for.

So what's the solution?

Working from home. If you have this chance in front of you, you need to be taking advantage of this opportunity. From providing you a more comfortable workspace to increased productivity and morale, here is why you should be working from home sooner than later.

Increased Morale and Happiness

Every employee wants to be happier about their life and happiness and contentment at work is one of the best ways to translate this to the other areas of your life.

One of the biggest benefits from working at home is having control over your own schedule. By working the hours you want to work, you can make your day a little more spaced out and be able to sprinkle in other things you care about such as family or going to the gym.

By having increased freedom as a whole, you will find yourself much happier in the long run with your job, making you more motivated to produced high quality work for your company and stay on as long as you can.

Increased Productivity

When commuting to the office, you get to your desk, prepare for the day and dive into your first task. While many of those against working from home argue that it is difficult to measure the productivity of those working remotely because you can't tell what house they are working, it is important to realize that just because an employee is in the office doesn't mean they are producing higher quality work.

A 2013 study was done by Stanford University assigned employees at a call center to work from home and others to work from the office for nine months. In the end, the worker's from home had a performance increase of over 13 percent, most of which came from working more hours than those who were working in the office.

In the end of this study, it was shown that the employees given the ability to accomplish work on their own time had a much higher productivity percentage rather than a 9-5 employee who could be distracted and take over 20 minutes to regain focus.

Whether you already have this benefit or you are considering approaching your boss with the idea, be sure to keep these benefits in your mind.

Aug 28th 2015

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