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USB Desk Accessories that Will Make Your Coworkers Jealous

Posted by Olivia Russell on

Even in the office, having some quality accessories is a great way to enjoy your space more. If you upgrade to some really incredible accessories however, you can really stand out among your coworkers. Take a look at some of the coolest USB desk accessories that are sure to make your coworkers jealous.

Turtle Electronic Mini Fish Tank

No longer do you have to leave your pet at home when you go into work. With this awesome usb plug in mini aquarium, you can keep your fish with you at all times at work. With state of the art controls and a high quality lamp to light the water, this is an outstanding deal. You can check out this awesome fish tank here.

The Coolest or Nerdiest Office Gadgets

Are you tired of your coffee getting cold because you don't drink it fast enough? Tired of having to reheat it in the microwave and it just not tasting the same. You no longer have to deal with this problem with this USB cup warmer. Just plug this into the USB and it can heat your coffee for up to another 30 minutes so you get the best cup possible. You can see this awesome gadget here.

Brando Offers up USB-Powered Plasma Ball

Feeling bored at work and need something to distract you for a few minutes?

Look no further than this outstanding USB-powered plasma ball. Just plug this into your USB port and you instantly have an impressive light show that will impress all of your coworkers. You can see more of this awesome accessory right here.

Mini USB Fridge

Tired of someone drinking your soda at lunch in the community fridge. You can solve this problem for good by investing in this fantastic mini USB fridge. Just plug in the USB cord, and you are ready to keep your soda can chilled throughout the day and keep it to yourself so a coworker doesn't snag it for themselves. Check out this awesome accessory here.

10" round Bladeless Fan

Does your office get a little too warm due to poor circulation or the warmer months approaching? You can keep the perfect temperature at all times at a quiet decibel with this awesome bladeless fan. This great accessory doesn't take up much room, but gets the job done, making it ideal for your office desk. Check out this great fan here.

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