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The Newest Trend in Ergonomics

Posted by Olivia Russell on

In the world of office furniture design in the 21st century, science has taken a huge role in the creation of new desks, chairs, keyboards, and more. Matching it up with the human body as perfectly as possible thanks to years of intense research, ergonomically correct office furniture is found more often than not, helping create a healthier office worker for both the short term and long term. One of the coolest new gadgets in the development of ergonomics is a an ergonomic foot rest. The latest trend in better designed furniture, this piece looks like it should be around for a while.

For proper foot rests for your desk, there are several high quality options that have emerged for you choose from, all designed to give your the best designed piece of equipment to take the stress and fatigue off the rest of your body. One of the top of the line options available today is the Webble. This ergonomically sound footrest is arguably the most unique products of its kind available on the market today, as this item is far less stationary than others like it. The Webble provides the user with a full 360 degree range of motion, so you can constantly be moving to keep the circulation going in your legs and ankles.

If you are in the market for something a little more affordable and a little more unique, look no further than the Fuut under-desk hammock. This outstanding alternative to the Webble or any other on the ground footrest, this footrest hooks to the sides of your desk and is suspended in mid-air underneath your desk, providing you with a perfect spot to rest your feet and will take the pressure off the rest of your body. At only $30, this is a far more affordable and reasonable option of the Webble is a bit out of your price range.                                                

If comfort is higher on your list of priorities when investing in an accessory like this, there are also some great pillow feature options as well. With a design that is much like the Webble, without the movement, these outstanding footrests provides a comfortable slight incline for your feet on the ground to keep your legs at a comfortable angle as the cushioned surface provides a soft and comfortable area for your feet.

Do you have an ergonomically friendly desk setup at your office? What features do you have and would you ever invest in a footrest? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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