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The Biggest Office Pet Peeves

Posted by Olivia Russell on

No matter where we work, there are always things that will drive us up the wall.

From your favorite parking spot in the shade getting taken, someone eating your lunch out of the fridge, or the coworker who can't stop talking throughout the day, there are always a few things that eat at us all.

There are a few office pet peeves that are pretty common with all of us, and it is time to stop doing them as often as we do.

Business Etiquette: 10 Office Pet Peeves

From sharing too much information, to not cleaning out the microwave, there are just a few pet peeves that really seem to rub us all the wrong way i the office.

One of the worst ones is passive aggressive feuding. If a coworker is unhappy with you, instead of taking the issue to you in person, they bombard you with emails with underlying message or resort to middle school tactics of giving you the cold shoulder or rolling their eyes.

10 More of the World Office Pet Peeves

Cleanliness and personal hygiene are always big topics of conversation when it comes to office pet peeves. No one wants to be that person who brought a lunch a week ago and then forgot about it thus, making the kitchen stink.

On the personal hygiene side of things, don't be that person who clips their fingernails at their desk. Besides being borderline unsanitary and just plain disgusting, the sound can be absolutely unbearable for some.

Office Pet Peeves: What Annoys You the Most?

Food is always a big pet peeve in the office, and this recent study of Irish adults showed that 31 percent said the biggest office annoyance is by those people who finish off a carton of milk and then place the carton back in the fridge. Whether it is milk or orange juice, we all know some people who are like this.

Other aspects of the study showed that big pet peeves were people who chewed with their mouths full or chewed too loudly. A word of advice on food in the office: remember you're not the only one there.

Top Ten Office/Cubicle Pet Peeves

Ever had someone knock on your office door and come right on in before you could respond? Perhaps your cubicle neighbor likes to wear a lot of their fanciest perfume every single day? One of the biggest things about pet peeves can be simply informing coworkers about things that bother you. The sooner you address these issues, the quicker they can be resolved and you can avoid having some sort of blowup you really want to avoid.

Office Pet Peeves

Pet peeves in the office range in differences all around the world. What is yours?

If you are from the United States, chances are that your biggest one is taking food from the refrigerator. According to a study done by LinkedIn, 74 percent of office workers from India can't stand loud cell phone ringtones, while a whopping 83 percent of office workers in Brazil are most annoyed by excessive gossiping.

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