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The Best Excuses Ever for Being Late to Work

Posted by Olivia Russell on

If you’ve ever needed a good excuse for being late to work, school or a meeting, then you’re going to get a kick out of these articles and Reddit threads. We found some of the most inventive and funny excuses that people have actually used. They may not get you out of trouble, but they will definitely make you laugh.

Is this the Best Excuse Ever for Being Late for Work?

According to this article posted on, a man returning to his car found a giant alligator underneath it getting out of the sun. Taking a picture of the event, it’s unlikely his boss will be able to fault him for being late to work on this day. It’s not known where the picture was taken, but the assumption is that it was probably taken somewhere in Florida, where they have a large population of alligators. Talk about a great reason to be late for work! Check out the photos and other fascinating details when you read the full article here.

Late to Work in Hawaii

We’ve all been in a position that ends up making us late for work or an important appointment. Generally these types of reasons are anything from bad traffic to car trouble, but the inventive excuses posted in this article on, will have you laughing and probably writing them down to remember should you ever need an interesting excuse. They are all very funny, but not being able to find your pants, or swallowing your own front tooth are probably two of the most inventive. Check out all the funny excuses when you read the full article here.

A Pineapple and A Jug of Milk?

While many of the answers are fairly standard in this thread posted on, some of them are downright funny. One answer of ripping their boxers definitely will make you laugh, but one of the respondents said they burst into their class wearing their pajamas, holding a pineapple and a jug of milk trying to come up with an excuse but their teacher was so tickled, they were let off with a warning. Check out all the funny answers by reading the full thread here.

What’s the Best Excuse for Being Late for Work?

Apparently uses this question a lot to solicit funny answers and this thread is no disappointment. From diarrhea to stopping to help someone with a flat because they had their bosses borrowed jack in the trunk, there’s some pretty darned inventive ideas in here. One person said they will state they had a flat, and then show a picture of a time when they actually did have a flat some years back. Of course that one only works once. Get your giggles on when you read the full thread here.

A Creative List of Ideas for Inspiration

In this thread on, you’ll find a whole host of funny excuses for being late to work. There are of course the old standby reasons, the dog ate my homework or I was with a client, but how about blaming a pack of raptors? One inventive responder gave a whole list of reasons, our favorite was getting locked in the bathroom. Check out all the funny options when you read the full thread here.

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