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Surprising Workplace Statistics

Posted by Olivia Russell on

The workplace is a very interesting environment. It helps shape who we are and our a plethora of different elements all factor into our overall success and happiness at these establishments.

Your career isn't simply about working a 9-5 and collecting a paycheck at the end of the week though. The workplace is far more in depth than this and there are some very interesting statistics surfacing that are showing the true complexities of our respective places of employment.

Humor Is More Important Than Pay

You have likely heard the phrase "if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life." This is a great saying to live by in your career field and couldn't be more true when it comes to humor and overall happiness in the workplace.

A 2014 study done of 2500 office workers discovered that 55 percent of employees would gladly take a pay cut if it meant that they would be able to have more fun at work. From more fun interaction with bosses and coworkers or have some office parties or games available more regularly, ass of these things can statistically lead to higher quality of work.

Who Stresses More About Work?

There are times where we will all stress and worry about our job, no matter how successful we are or how much we enjoy it. Interestingly enough though, those who have higher education and white collar jobs stress far more than those working blue collar jobs with only a high school diploma.

A 2010 study in Canada showed that 25 percent of workers feel highly stressed about their day to day positions which can lead to less productivity, health problems, and more.

Surprising Workplace Violence Statistics

We all want to go to our place of employment and feel very safe and secure, but unfortunately this isn't the case for all workers. In 2013 alone, there were 397 fatal workplace injuries ruled to be homicides.

A shocking statistic for an environment that many people may not enjoy coming to everyday in the first place. Making the office one of the safest places possible should be a top priority of any employer.

Employee Development Statistics

Employee training is often a very overlooked aspect of the success of a business as a properly trained and developing employee is typically a happier and more successful one. In fact, a recent study showed that 40 percent of employees who did not receive adequate training when they were hired will leave that position within a year.

Whether it is due to stress created from not knowing how to do something or not having the opportunity to develop more, this is a huge piece of long term employee success.

Tattoos in the Workplace

Tattoos and piercings in the workplace have long been a hot button issue as the debate continues on whether to be able to show these things should be allowed or not. While it still possesses a negative stigma, surprisingly enough, 73 percent of employers say they would actually hire people with visible tattoos. Potentially, giving this freedom can lead to better work from these employees and more.

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