Signs that You Have a Terrible Boss (And How to Do Your Best Work Anyway)

Signs that You Have a Terrible Boss (And How to Do Your Best Work Anyway)

Horrible bosses.

We've all had one. While the movies might have been a slight exaggeration (Kevin Spacey was pretty convincing though), many of us have dealt with a difficult boss who has made going to work miserable.

Maybe you are in a position where you feel your boss is being unfair, but you also think you're just being overly sensitive.

If you are struggling with a potentially difficult boss, here are some signs to look for and how you can deal with them.

How To Tell if Your Boss is Terrible

Does your boss feel stubborn, demand ridiculous things from you, or is too self-centered?

Good news. You fall into the category of over half of all U.S. workers.

The key is to tell if these features are truly contributing to them being a horrible boss, or if it is simply minor character flaws or perhaps pet peeves you are over exaggerating.

If your boss continues to display these traits without showing any kind of remorse, you may have a toxic mess on your hands that is going to affect the quality of your work and the work of those around you.

Types of Difficult Bosses

You have likely had bosses that displayed different patterns of behavior that you weren't a particularly huge fan of.

From the way they deal with your on an individual level, solve conflicts, or a lack of vision for the future, there are a plethora of different factors that can play a role in you disliking your boss.

Realizing what kind of boss you have and knowing how exactly to deal with them is crucial to working well under them or realizing that you need to make a change.

Overly Fun Boss:

Do you have the boss who plays favorites and constantly wants you to hang out with them outside of work?

While this boss can be a lot of fun at times, it can be a fine line to walk when trying to make sure you are producing quality work, but still trying to have fun with your boss and keep them happy.

To deal with a boss like this, make sure you set some firm boundaries when around them and stick to them.

While you can still get together after work for drinks, make sure it doesn't make you slack off on the job.

Micromanaging Boss:

Have a superior always looking over your shoulder and trying to control your every move on the job?

No one likes to be constantly micromanaged, but it happens unfortunately.

When dealing with the boss who is on your for every waking detail, make sure you stay on top of projects and communicate frequently with your superior.

The more you create open dialogue and stay on top of details, the more pleased the micromanager will be with your attentiveness.

If you feel like you have an unfair boss, assess the situation and try and adjust accordingly before making drastic decisions or changes.

Aug 6th 2015 Olivia Russell

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