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Office Exercises that Will Make You Feel Less Guilty About Skipping the Gym

Posted by Olivia Russell on

Let's face it, we all want to be healthier but we feel like we don't ever have enough time to get the gym and accomplish anything with all of our other responsibilities in life. For the office worker, getting to the gym feels like something we really should be doing after sitting in a chair for eight hours, but getting there is just too much of a hassle. Fortunately, there are some outstanding alternatives to getting yourself to the gym that can keep you healthy and you can do at work.

One of the more popular health and fitness trends over the past several years has been yoga, as it is an excellent physical and mental exercise that doesn't require a gym membership or a bunch of additional equipment. For the office worker trying to get a few more workouts in their daily or weekly routine, yoga at your office can be a great way to accomplish this. One of the best parts about yoga at the office is you only need a few minutes here and there to get some great exercises in that can really benefit you in the long run. Some of these routines, you won't even need to get our of your office chair for.

A seated backbend is a great one to start out with, as you can stretch you arms to the sky while taking in a deep breath. You can then arch your back and exhale as you lean your upper body backward. Hold this pose for a few seconds before returning to your normal position and repeat this move a few times. You can also do a simple body twist as you keep your feet flat on the floor, turning your upper body and grasping the arm rest to really stretch out your back.

If you are wanting to do a few more intricate moves, you can turn your chair into a stool to get some more fitness regimens going. Your office chair is a perfect tool to do some dips in the office and this can only take a couple of minutes to get some good work in. You can also utilize it as a pushup plank or a weight to wrap resistance bands around. Calf raises and sit ups are always simple and effective moves to work in throughout your day, so don't be afraid to take a few minutes here and there to keep yourself healthy.

By utilizing some of these moves and exercises, you can keep yourself healthier for a long time and boost your energy at the end of the day.

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