Music to Add to Your Work Playlist

Music to Add to Your Work Playlist

Music is all around us wherever we go. Whether it is in the car, at a restaurant, or shopping at the mall, you are sure to hear a song playing somewhere throughout the day. As an office worker, you have the unique opportunity to listen to music at work. Taking advantage of this perk can actually boost your performance as well. If you are setting up your work playlist, here is some material you should add and why you should.

This Is the Kind of Music You Should Listen To at Work

Music has a huge effect on our lives each day, whether we really realize it or not. In this article from The Telegraph, the author highlights how different kinds of music truly affects the quality of our work and how quickly we can accomplish certain tasks. According to a study done by a neuropsychologist at Mindlab International at the end of last year, 88 percent of workers produced better work when listening to music and 81 percent listening to music accomplished it faster. You can check out the rest of the study results here.

50 Songs (and Albums) To Listen To at Work

In this article from, they compiled some of the musical choices from some of the best and brightest CEO's in the world to see what motivates them. From soft and smooth lullabies, to the more upbeat classic rock songs to really get you going, this list of songs gives you a wide array of options to choose from. You can see the entire list in the article here.

Top 5 Spotify Playlists for Work

Are you wanting to listen to music, but don't have the time to make your own extensive playlist to get through the day? Fortunately, Spotify can come to the rescue with an array of fantastic playlists to choose from. From songs to get you going on your commute to work, to the perfect group of songs to rock out to on Throwback Thursday, these are some of the best playlists on Spotify. To see the rest of the music, you can see the article in its entirety here.


With Pandora and Spotify being the general go to options for music streaming, other sites tend to get looked over. Songza however, is one you should definitely put at the top of your list. With a great selection of categories such as moods, activities, and decades, the streaming options on this site are sure to provide you with this perfect list of songs to get you through your day. You can check out this awesome site here.

Jun 21st 2015 Olivia Russell

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