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How To Throw a Birthday Party for Your Boss

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party for the boss's birthday

Throwing an office birthday party is a great way to create camaraderie and celebrate one of your fellow co-workers. When it comes to celebrating the big day for the boss, however, the task can seem a little more daunting. How do you celebrate your employer without looking like you are wasting time or trying too hard to impress them?

If you are getting ready to throw a party for your superior's birthday, here are a few tips and tricks to follow in order to make sure it goes over as smooth as possible.

Make Sure You Can Do It

Does your office celebrate birthday's on a regular basis as a team or is it something which isn't collectively participated in? If your office doesn't consistently call out and celebrate employees having birthdays, it might not be the best idea to start with your boss. They may very well see it as a time wasting activity which will reflect poorly on you.

giving the boss a cake on his birthday

If you are able to celebrate, however, make sure it is done tastefully. Be sure you know your boss and their personality before planning any kind of party. 

While surprise parties may be a hit among other team members and staff, your boss might only want a small gathering during lunch and back to work. Do your best to gauge this beforehand to avoid any problems when the day rolls around.

How To Throw a Birthday Party for Your Boss

If you go and plan an elaborate party or gathering without letting any of your co-workers know what is going on, this may reflect poorly on your among your colleagues as they may see it as a way for you to get ahead or make them look bad. Involving several trustworthy co-workers in your planning is the best way to keep everyone on your good side, but still ensure a quality party is thrown.

Be sure to delegate tasks to different people and bounce ideas off one another. Some co-workers may know your boss better than you do, so finding out what they like is key to a successful celebration.

Alternatives To a Party

While a birthday party is typically a go-to for many offices, some employers simply don't want an in-office celebration. Fortunately, there are several alternatives available to you in order to celebrate your boss without making a huge scene of it.

  • Go To Lunch: Whether it is a one-on-one with your boss in a smaller office setting, or getting a few co-workers together and going out together, taking your boss to lunch is an easy way to get everyone together and celebrate in a more relaxed area.
  • Go To a Movie: While your boss may be intimidating at work, it is important to remember they have lives outside of the office. Getting your boss and some co-workers to go to a movie is an excellent way to build relationships outside of the office and get to know your boss a little better.

Give some of these ideas a try and you are sure to make your boss happy on their big day.

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