How To Stay Healthy In Your Office

How To Stay Healthy In Your Office

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Staying healthy at the office is crucial to being able to accomplish your work and avoid having to take sick days at work and fall behind on your tasks.

Unfortunately, during the fall and winter months of the year, illnesses can spread quickly and affect a plethora of employees before you know what happened.

If you are focusing on your health this season and want to avoid the office sickness, here are a few tips and tricks to staying healthier so you can stay at work.

Stay Hydrated

One of the biggest struggles many of us have today is not consuming enough water during the day. This dehydration can play a factor in getting sick, and it is also often the culprit in the 2:30-3:00 p.m. afternoon drowsiness many office workers feel on a daily basis.

Instead of drinking a soda for lunch or in the afternoon for a pick-me-up, go for a glass of water instead to boost the amount of oxygen getting to your brain to keep you focused. This is also an excellent alternative to your coffee first thing in the morning. Push the coffee back a little bit in your morning routine and drink a glass of ice water instead. This is scientifically proven to wake you up more than caffeine will as well.

Get On Your Feet

By now you have likely heard hundreds of stories about the negative effects long-term sitting has on your body as it increases the chances for cardiovascular diseases and forms of cancer.

To increase your health at the office, as well as your long-term health, standing at your job more than you sit will have positive effects. If you have the ability to utilize a standing desk, this is an excellent way to get yourself on your feet for a good majority of the day and improve your health. If you don't have the option for a standing desk, taking several walks during the day will also help combat poor health and keep your active.

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Eat Healthy

The phrase "you are what you eat," is truer than many of us think. While you won't turn into a candy bar or that bag of popcorn, you will see the negative effects from consuming unhealthy food on a daily basis. In order to stay healthy in the office, opting for healthier snack and lunch options will help immensely in the long run.

Get rid of the candy bowl on your desk and replace it with a fruit bowl. Instead of opting for a bag of chips for your afternoon snack, almonds, granola bars, and fresh vegetables and fruit will help you stay healthier in the long run.

How do you stay healthy in the office? Share your tips in the comments.

Oct 27th 2015

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