How to Design a Modern Home Office

How to Design a Modern Home Office

Designing your home office to be both functional and comfortable is essential to making sure you can get work done and still have a place to escape to when you need it.

One of the growing trends in designing this space is the modern design. From the desk, wall colors, office chair and more, there are a plethora of factors to take into account when designing a modern home office.

If you are going for this theme for your space, here are a few tips and tricks to successfully pulling it off.


Lighting is one of the most important elements when it comes to designing any room in your home, and the same goes for where you put your home office.

Having adequate lighting will help you with your mood which can lead to better thought processes and help you turn out better work. If you can pick out a room that has plenty of natural lighting, try and utilize this space as best you can for your home office. If you don't have a space that has a large window present in it however, you can get by with plenty of artificial light from lamps to can lighting in the ceiling.

Storage Space

Utilizing storage in the most efficient way possible is crucial to a successful home office, and for the modern home office design, one of the best ways to combine both efficiency and style is by installing built-ins for your shelving.

With a work space or built-in desk for your computer that is complimented by shelves above it or on an adjacent wall, you can have plenty of room to store your essential items for your office without taking up too much room.

Wall Decorations

One of the best ways to bring some life to your home office and bring out the modern look is through your choice of wall decorations.

From framed pictures to artwork, you can't go wrong with a collage of pieces on the wall above your work desk. When selecting frames, try and go for classic black-framed options to keep a simple modern look that isn't too distracting by is visible from around the room.

Keep It Minimal

When all else fails, keeping everything as minimal as possible is your best option when trying to design a modern home office.

Try and keep your work space as uncluttered as possible and have only the essentials in the area. With your computer, a pen, highlighter, notebook, and a lamp, you can accomplish a lot without creating too big of a mess in the area.

Opt for white and black themes with just a pop of color to pull off the final look and you will have the modern office you have been dreaming of.

Sep 4th 2015

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