How To Convince Your Boss to Let Your Work From Home

How To Convince Your Boss to Let Your Work From Home

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The 21st century workplace is a constantly evolving machine, providing workers with more and more opportunities every day. As offices grow and technology advances, the on-site office becomes more interactive and employee-friendly with each upgrade.

One perk employees continue to value, however, is the ability to work from home. This chance to stay in your home office or sit down at the kitchen table can help to invigorate a worker's mind and make them value the company they work for even more.

So how do you approach your boss about asking for the chance to work from home? Here are a few helpful tips to follow.

Explain the Benefits for Both Parties

While it may seem as though you are getting the most positive reward out of the deal, working from home also presents a variety of benefits for your employer as well.

One of the biggest benefits you can present to your boss is the amount of overhead cost it can save them in the long run. By having an employee work from home instead of commuting to the office each day, a company can save money on the amount of office space they have to pay rent for, as well as saving on costs of equipment needed at the on-site office for the employee to use.

By lining out these benefits and how it can be a positive thing for both sides, you can be on your way to convincing your employer it's a smart decision.

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Have a Detailed Plan

Arguably the biggest part of presenting the idea of working from home to your employer is making sure you have a thorough outline of what this work plan will look like.

The last thing your employer needs to be thinking is you are giving minimal effort and simply wanting to work from home because you are lazy or want to tend to things around your house.

A great step in the process of convincing your boss if presenting a detailed plan of what work you will be doing from home and how your day will look like. Give them specific examples of the types of projects or daily tasks you can accomplish. Let them know of the technology you have available and how you won't skip a beat by working from home as opposed to using the resources at the on-site office.

The more prepared you are and more detail you provide, the easier it will be for the employer to trust your idea.

Suggest a Trial Period

If you boss is still on the fence about going ahead with the plan, suggest a trial period in which your productivity and quality of work can be evaluated in the home office realm.

If you are consistently producing high-quality work from your home office in this trial period and are making an effort to communicate with your boss during this time, they will be more eager to hop on board.

Do you work from home? What strategies did you use to approach your employer with the idea? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

Oct 2nd 2015

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