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How Office Design Affects Employee Morale

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Photo Credit: Leonhard Melzer

One of the hottest topics of discussion in the workplace these days is the trend of office design and how it works into the success of your employees. While many employers may overlook the design of the place they work in, the fact of the matter is office design plays a huge role in the success of employees and their overall well-being.

So how exactly can your office design have an effect on your employees happiness and overall mood during the day? Here are a few things to be aware of and how you can create a space workers love coming to.

Lighting and Color

Aesthetics are a huge factor in any office design, and if you want your employees to be happy about where they work, focusing on the aesthetics is one of the first areas to address.

Not having enough lighting in your office can decrease employee morale quite quickly, especially if it is a lack of natural lighting. A study done by the Lund Institute of Technology showed employee moods were at their lowest points when they were in an area with low lighting. While you may be in an area with limited natural light at certain times of the year, combating this with plenty of soft artificial light is a great way to keep your employee morale up.

Another important element to focus on when designing remodeling your office space is the color you utilize for rooms. One study showed office workers were not fans of calming colors such as greens and blues, yet these were the rooms which had them produce the most work. In contrast, the rooms painted in darker or more vibrant colors such as black and red were better received by the employees as these colors helped them create a more confident, positive vibe.

Photo Credit: Luca Mascaro

Furniture and Technology

Furniture plays a huge role in the overall function of an office and the kind of furniture your employees are using can have a direct correlation on their productivity and overall mood with their job.

Studies have shown sitting for hours on end negatively affects health and can increase the chances of contracting cardiovascular diseases and even some types of cancer. The standing desk, on the other hand, has a boost on both health and energy, leading to a better mood throughout the day. By investing in quality furniture such as standing desks, you can show your employees you care about their well-being, creating a much happier environment for them to come to.

The quality of equipment people work with can also have an effect on how much people enjoy their place of employment. If you are able to make upgrades to state of the art, efficient technology to take your office to the next level, you create an environment and culture people enjoy coming to and working in.

How do you boost employee morale with office design? Let us know in the comments!

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