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Fun things to do on your lunch break

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office workers going for a walk

The lunch break is a time which has long been forgotten about in the American workforce. We have increasingly become a workaholic society and it has led to a coalition of workers who are run down and stressed out.

While it is easy to eat a sandwich in one hand and type with the other or take a 10-minute break to quickly eat a salad, these short segments will not serve you well in the long run of the work day.

If you have been neglecting a quality lunch break, here are a few fun ways to spend this precious hour next time.

1. Go For a Walk

It seems as if there is a brand new study each day linking long-term health problems with extended periods of sitting. This makes getting up and moving even more important in the long run of your life.

Next time your lunch break rolls around, consider taking a little stroll around the block or up and down the street. You will find the fresh air can work wonders for your energy and morale, as well as giving you a chance to unwind and take your mind off your work, even if it is only for a couple of minutes.

2. Catch Up On Your Favorite Shows

Fortunately for us, the Netflix app allows us to catch up on our shows whenever we can, and wherever we are. If you haven't had a chance to catch up on the latest episode of your show lately, taking a break at lunch to watch an episode is a great way to unwind and let your mind relax a little bit more.

3. Exercise

Running out of time to hit the gym after a long day of work? Getting yourself there in your hour in the middle of the day is a great way to keep yourself healthy and get rid of some stress you may be carrying.

If your place of employment has a gym nearby, packing a change of clothes and hitting the treadmill or lifting a few weights is an excellent way to relieve some stress and keep yourself healthy and in shape as well. So the next time you are feeling to stressed out, get yourself to the gym, even if it is only for 30 minutes. You will be amazed by the results you receive after just a few short workouts throughout the week.

office worker going for a run

4. Read a Book

Another excellent way to clear your mind during a long a stressful day at the office is by burying it into a good book. This can serve many positive purposes, from providing you with an escape from your tasks for a little bit while you eat your lunch, as well as allowing your mind to grow. This may even help you to brainstorm new ideas and expand your imagination by diving into a fiction book.

5. Lunch Roulette

Do you work for a larger company and haven't gotten to meet someone new in a while? Your lunch break is a great time to accomplish this. It may be awkward at first, but ask someone you don't know to have lunch with you that day. You may find you a great friendship you would never have found if you hadn't taken a quality lunch break.

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