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DIY Desk Accessories that Will Make Your Cube Feel Fancy

Posted by Olivia Russell on

If you’re looking for fun ways to make your office more exciting and nicer place to work, but your budget doesn’t really allow you to go and buy all those fancy decorator pieces? If this sounds like you, then you’re going to love the great looking, low cost, easy to make projects we found. Check out the articles below and create some wonderful new pieces for your office that will make your life easier and add some decorative touches to your work space.

Tuesday To-Do: Prettify Your Thumbtacks with Washi Tapes

Who doesn’t love those adorable thumbtacks? However, who wants to shell out all that extra money for them? If you’re like us, and want cute thumbtacks without that expensive price tag, then you’ll love this article by Francine C for She gives you the details on just how to pretty up your bland thumbtacks for pennies. With a bit of washi tape and your cheapo thumbtacks, you can make your idea board colorful and fun. Get all the details by reading the full article here.

Gold Pencil Holder (Anthro Knock Off #4)

Who wouldn’t like to be able to buy all those cute office accessories from Anthropologie? Unfortunately, those cute items come at a fairly high price. Luckily this article by Katie writing for has a great knock off idea that you can make at home for pennies just by repurposing a few things you’d probably just throw away. With a few old tins, a piece of board and some paint, as well as a bit of your creative flair, you can make your own fabulous gold pencil holder that rivals the pricey Anthropologie version. Get all the details and instructions when you read the entire article here.

DIY Gold Desk Dishes

If you’re like the rest of us crafty loving people, you’re always hunting for new ways to reuse and repurpose things in your home. In this article posted on, you’ll learn how to turn your old glass containers, and dishes into fun gold desk accessories. All of the instructions and tons of ideas are right in this article and you can discover them all with you read the full article here.

Weekend Project #1 – Terrariums for Pinterest Challenge

Bookends don’t have to be boring and that was they were all the inspiration Brittany writing for, needed to create her own terrarium bookends. She began by using some glass fishbowls that seemed to be a place where fish just could not live, and decided to create terrariums out of them for the Pinterest Challenge. She did such a great job with them, that she created several more with other types of glass containers. They all look beautiful and she shares just how she created them in this article. Find all of the instructions and great ideas when you read the full article here.

Custom Desk Pad

Desk pads and mouse pads are the things you look at all day long. Changing them up can get expensive when you get bored with your current one. Fortunately, Michelle Barneck writing for came up with a great way to make a combination desk pad/mouse pad that’s inexpensive and simple to change out when you’re ready for a new design. If you can get a transparent desk pad, a little spray adhesive and some wrapping paper, you’ve got the makings for a new desk pad that can be changed out whenever you choose for just a little pocket change. Get started on your new desk pad/mouse pad by reading the full article here.

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