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5 Movies to Watch When You Feel Like You Have the World's Worst Job

Posted by Olivia Russell on

We all like to think we will love every day and every minute of our jobs in our lives, but the fact of the matter is we will all have days where we struggle and can't what we do.

If you are feeling down about your career, here are a few movies to cheer you up and make you appreciate your job just a little more.

Up In the Air (2009)

When it comes to taking business trips, some of us love them and some of us can't stand them. This great romantic drama starring George Clooney shows a character who lives out of his suitcase for his job as he travels all around the world having to fire people. When a new hire begins to distract him, he starts to realize maybe he doesn't want to live out of the suitcase anymore. Check out this film if you find yourself on a plane for a business trip far too often.

Clerks (1994)

If you have ever had to work in customer service, you know there is nothing more frustrating and aggravating than having to wait on people. In this 1994 comedy classic, we follow two convenience store employees as they go about their daily tasks. From serving customers to wasting time in any way they can, this movie is sure to make you think about dealing with people at your job as well as give you a good laugh.

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

We have all worked for a boss we hate, but in this 2006 romantic comedy about climbing the ladder in the corporate world, Meryl Streep may take the cake for worst boss of all time. As young and aspiring recent graduate Anne Hathaway tries to make it big in New York at a high end fashion magazine, her pushy and controlling editor-in-chief holds her back through her ridiculous demands. Check out this one for a laugh when you feel down about not getting ahead at your job.

Horrible Bosses (2011)

We have all had a terrible boss in our lives at some point, but has it ever pushed you to the edge that you wanted to kill them? While you probably won't get to this point, you can take in the humorous 2011 film about three employees to conspire to off their superiors in order to become more happy in their current positions.

Office Space (1999)

if you have ever worked in an office, you know the difficulties of having a monotonous day to day work schedule. If you have a terrible boss, it can make it only worse. This 1999 comedic classic shows three office workers who have simply had enough of their boss and do what they can to get back at him. Check out this movie when you are feeling at the end of your rope at your office position.

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